"Platinum Blend 3" A Group Exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery

Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce our fourth collaborative exhibition with curator Stephanie Chefas. The Portland-based curator returns on January 14 with a third installment of her popular Platinum Blend exhibition. This year's selected artists encompass a range of visual styles and media, but coalesce symbiotically to form a lush visual dialogue under Chefas' curatorial eye.

Featuring Adrian Cox, Andrew Hem, Ayumi Takahashi, Brian Donnelly, Brian Mashburn, David Bray, David Rice, Eric Wert, Erika Sanada, Gregory Euclide, Godeleine Rosamel, Jeff Sheridan, Kai & Sunny, Kelly Tunstall, Mandy Cao, Marnie White, Meghan Howland, Scott Listfield, Sean Norvet, Sergio Garcia, Winnie Truong, Vanessa Foley

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Group Exhibition "Oregon Artist Showcase" at Parrish Gallery in Chehalem Cultural Center

The Chehalem Cultural Center’s Parrish Gallery proudly presents the third annual OREGON ARTISTS SHOWCASE of the best contemporary art in Oregon. 

Open Tuesday - Saturday
Hours: 9 am - 6 pm, plus scheduled class and events times

415 E. Sheridan
Newberg, OR 97132

(503) 487-6883

For more information and inquiry, please visit Chehalem Cultural Center official website.

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Duo Exhibition "The Space Between" at Stephanie Chefas Projects with Ryan Bubnis

Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to present THE SPACE BETWEEN, a duo exhibit featuring new work from Ryan Bubnis and Ayumi Takahashi. THE SPACE BETWEEN alludes to the artist's journey and the evolution of his or her visual language symbolized by the space between two points. This exhibition will find each artist continuing his and her exploration of spacial relationships with figures and objects and the relationship between the image and viewer. 

Ryan Bubnis' latest body of work focuses on the simplification of shape and form. Drawn to the idea that the negative space is just as important as the subject, Bubnis creates visuals that occupy space between the abstract and representational. Bold, graphic and whimsical in approach, the artist's current work is brimming with personal symbolism that harkens back to the skateboard culture of his youth. The imagery also references Bubnis' earlier work and hints at life in the Pacific Northwest. By loosely constructing the narrative of each piece, Bubnis encourages the viewer to decipher the imagery and create his or her unique story. 

Inspired by the emotional reaction people have toward color, Ayumi Takahashi's narratives are told through joyful palettes and playful patterns. These bright colors are in stark contrast to the mysterious edge that her figures possess, thereby forcing the viewer to ponder and piece together each character's story. In the artist's latest work, Takahashi steps away from the representational quality of illustration by cutting and cropping and focuses on color and pattern as a form of abstraction.  

The opening reception for THE SPACE BETWEEN will be held at Stephanie Chefas Projects on FridaySeptember 9th from 6-9pm. Stephanie Chefas Projects is located in Portland, Oregon at 305 SE 3rd Avenue on the second floor of the Urban Row building. The exhibition will be on view through October 7th, 2016 and is free and open to the public.

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