"Platinum Blend 3" A Group Exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery

Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce our fourth collaborative exhibition with curator Stephanie Chefas. The Portland-based curator returns on January 14 with a third installment of her popular Platinum Blend exhibition. This year's selected artists encompass a range of visual styles and media, but coalesce symbiotically to form a lush visual dialogue under Chefas' curatorial eye.

Featuring Adrian Cox, Andrew Hem, Ayumi Takahashi, Brian Donnelly, Brian Mashburn, David Bray, David Rice, Eric Wert, Erika Sanada, Gregory Euclide, Godeleine Rosamel, Jeff Sheridan, Kai & Sunny, Kelly Tunstall, Mandy Cao, Marnie White, Meghan Howland, Scott Listfield, Sean Norvet, Sergio Garcia, Winnie Truong, Vanessa Foley

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